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Choosing the right Medical School for You

1) MD or DO? Both types of degrees will enable you to practice medicine within the United States, but the taught curriculum can vary a little between both programs. DO programs place an emphasis on osteopathic manipulative medicine, but the medical training for both are otherwise very similar. MD and DO hopefuls apply through two separate application services (AMCAS vs. AACOMAS) – historically, the entering GPA and MCAT scores for DO students have been lower than that of their MD counterparts.

2) Primary care or research? Different schools will place varying priorities on different aspects of the medical school curriculum – consider your future interests while choosing a medical school, and pick a school that can best accommodate your potential career goals.

3) Price. Medical schools are undeniably expensive. While formulating your favorite list, consider the price of tuition, cost of living, and whether your medical school of choice offers merit scholarships. Some top-tier institutions with heavy endowments will subsidize as much as your entire tuition if sufficiently interested. Crunch some numbers in excel spreadsheets and look at how much you’re looking to pay back with interest in order to make the most informed decision.

4) Location. The physical placement of the medical school may have a very real and tangible impact on the type of patients and cases you may see. On the more personal side, consider whether the environment surrounding the school would be a good fit for your own unique needs and personality. A medical school located in the city can often present a very different atmosphere than one located in the country or in a college town.

5) Residency placement. Specialization rates will vary from school to school, and so will the general destinations of their graduates. Although not the most important factor to take into consideration while choosing a school that will be a good fit for you, spend some time considering the statistics before making a definite commitment.

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