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College Admissions Interview Tips

1) Watch your body language.

Sit in a way that feels comfortable but still shows that you’re taking the situation seriously. Don’t cross your arms or adopt a posture that appears closed. Talking with your hands can seem friendly and enthusiastic, but don’t let it distract from whatever you’re saying.

Give your interviewer a strong handshake, and sustain eye contact during introductions. Remember your interviewer’s name, and don’t be afraid to use it over the course of the interview.

2) Dress professionally.

When it comes to dressing for an interview, it’s better to be too formal than too informal. You might want to choose your clothes ahead of time so it’s one less thing to think about on the day of your interview.

3) Practice ahead of time with a friend.

Think of the questions you may be asked, and ask a friend to put you on the spot. Your friend may come up with some good follow-up questions, depending on your answers.

4) Get feedback.

Ask your friend to tell you honestly how you come across. Your friend may notice things that are simple and easy to adjust, but important in creating a good impression.

5) Lock down your safety schools.

Come prepared to every interview with relevant information about the school to which you’re applying. The interview is a great opportunity to demonstrate sincere interest in a school that may consider you overqualified.

6) Leave a good last impression.

Shake hands with your interviewer and thank him or her when you leave. Be sure to address him or her by name when you say goodbye.

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