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Common College Application Mistakes


Senior year can be incredibly hectic and stressful, but don’t let that affect the quality of your college applications.  Take your time and pay attention to details – both big and small – and plan ahead so you don’t go over the deadlines.   Here’s a list of some of the more common college application mistakes.

1)   Not answering optional application questions.  Optional questions give you the opportunity to bolster your application, and failing to answer them can deprive the college of information that could be used to your benefit.

2)   Typos and grammatical errors.  Typos and misspellings on something as important as the college application are never a good sign.  It shows that you either don’t care enough to proofread, or just careless.

3)   Providing the college with an inappropriate e-mail account name.   The college application is part of a very serious process and needs to be treated as such.  Colleges probably won’t take you into consideration if you include an immature or inappropriate e-mail address.  If need be, create a new e-mail account using your name in some form or another.

4)   Not submitting the online application. All colleges give you the option of applying online.  The worst thing you can do is to fill out the whole application but forget to submit it.  After submitting the application, you should receive a confirmation e-mail from the college.   You wouldn’t want the reason you didn’t get admitted to your top choice to be because you simply did not end up sending them your application.

5)    Procrastinating.  Waiting until the last minute to complete your application is a terrible idea.  Procrastinating increases the likelihood of errors since you may be rushed to complete the application.  The college application process is a time-intensive process with many deadlines.  Waiting until the last minute could result in your application being incomplete after the deadline.  The smartest way to avoid this is to plan ahead.

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