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Preparing for the College Interview

When preparing for your college interview, it’s important to pay as much attention to what your body is saying as you do to the words you are saying.  Here are some tips from the Admissions Experts of Top Test Prep!

Greet your interviewer with eye contact and a strong handshake. You will likely meet with this person only once, so first impressions are going to be critical. Exhibit confidence and personality before the interviewer asks a single question.

Be aware of your posture. Are you sitting up straight? Are you sitting still? Are you facing your interviewer? These qualities will show the interviewer you are engaged in the process without saying so.

Dress the part. Even if you’re meeting at a coffee shop, dress professionally (avoid jeans, sweatshirts, athletic shoes, and flip flops). Your outfit illustrates the amount of effort you put into interview preparations and the level of importance you associate to it.

Smile! It’s okay to be nervous, but small clues like a smile when you talk about the college or your qualifications emphasize the joy and passion for learning that you will bring to campus.

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