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College Readiness Programs for High Schools

As many high schools throughout the country prepare to develop new college readiness programs, it’s important to know how high schools can best prepare students for college.

The first, and most important thing for schools to know is that a college readiness program must be customized. We’ve noticed many schools adopting “template” models for their students. They see a large program and simply adopt an online course that barely touches the surface of what students need to prepare.

A college readiness program (based on ARRA initiatives) must be all-encompassing. Every student learns differently, and thus must be treated accordingly. Consider a college readiness program, like Top Test Prep’s, where every student receives a learning plan and model that is customized according to their greatest needs.

The second thing is that high schools adopting college readiness need a learning program that shares the same mission as their school. Top Test Prep’s college readiness programs share the same mission as the national standard – improving scores, while developing long-term practical learning skills in the process. When we say “improving scores,” we mean working to improve scores on the PSAT, SAT and ACT. But even further, Top Test Prep means developing practical skill-sets in students. For example, a student in college readiness SAT courses will learn SAT strategies, but they will also be able to apply these test taking skills to other 9-12 grade courses like Algebra, Writing, English and Science.

Contact Top Test Prep today to discuss your school’s college readiness (and state standards) initiatives. Call (800) 501-Prep today to learn about college readiness, so that your students shine on their tests and develop practical skill-sets in the process.

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