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Common Interview Mistakes

1) Arriving late. A lack of timeliness speaks volumes about your own personal and professional character. Not only is it disorganized, but it is disrespectful to the school that is hosting you and your interview group. Avoid this by allowing for delays like heavy traffic or getting lost on your way. If you arrive with plenty of time to spare, take the time to tour the school or grab some breakfast.

2) Being arrogant. Remember that your interview starts the moment you step onto campus. You are now under scrutiny and must act accordingly. Avoid loud and brash gestures, and remember to be humble. No matter how smart you are, your interviewer has probably seen someone smarter, so keep this in mind during the course of your interview.

3) Treating your application like it’s a resume. It’s great if you can weave your accomplishments into the conversation, but the interview shouldn’t read as a redundant list of all your achievements. Remember that the admissions committee has your application on paper, and has likely reviewed it before meeting you. This is your chance to show them what you have to contribute and offer them something new and novel, not regurgitate information that is readily available.

4) Forgoing the opportunity to ask questions. Remember that if a school has invited you for an interview, they have already seen something in your application that made them interested. Although it may be difficult at the time, consider the interview a two-way street. Not only is the school evaluating your candidacy as an applicant, but you are also evaluating their facilities, staff, and potential match for your interests and future. Find out as much as you can during the interview, so you have the necessary information to make an informed decision later down the road.

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