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Do College Admissions Officers Value Community Service?

We all know that standardized test scores and grades play a major role in college admissions. What about community service, however? What does it mean to be a “good citizen?” JP Morgan partnered with on-line educational service providers to conduct an annual survey of the top 50 colleges according to US News and World Report on admissions topics including how they treat community service.

Some of the key findings include:

-70 percent of admissions officers prefer students to be consistently involved with one issue over a variety of causes.

-69 percent of admissions officers considered a political campaign to be community service. However, they cautioned that it is not considered “community service” if the work is paid.

-95.8 percent of admissions officers value a student who took a gap year and did a service project while only 4.2 percent value a student who spent the time traveling the world.

Follow your passion on social change by committing yourself to a cause that it is meaningful to you. Use your application essay to explain why that cause matters to you.

David Dickson is an admissions expert for Top Test Prep. Top Test Prep provides test preparation to help students gain admission to top private schools, colleges, and graduate schools. Call (800)-501-7737 to learn more.

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