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Early Decision and Early Action Applications at Elite American Universities

Here are some numbers for the 2012 – 2013 early decision/early action admissions cycle:

As the deadlines approach for early decision and early action applicants at America’s most competitive universities, a few institutions have released application figures. They indicate significant increases in applications over previous years. Early decision university applicants are contractually required to attend that school, whereas early action applicants can apply to additional schools early action or regular decision. Early decision and early action applicants at elite schools have an acceptance rate which is, on average, two to two and a half times higher than regular admissions applicants.

Early decision applications to Duke this fall have increased 23 percent over last year’s early decision applications.

Johns Hopkins early decision applications have experienced an eight percent increase over this period, and Dartmouth’s applications in this area are up two percent.

Princeton, which just re-instituted its early admissions option after a four year hiatus along with Harvard, revealed that 3,547 students had applied by its early November deadline, nearly triple the size of its freshman class.

Early decision and early action applications by students with their early deadlines, not only increase the odds of getting into the most competitive universities, but often increase the probability of receiving financial assistance.

The total pool of available money diminishes by the regular admissions deadlines at the start of the calendar year.

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