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When Schools Typical Inform Early Decision Applicants


Below you will see when some colleges traditionally release their early decision application results and decisions.

Boston University – December 15th;
Bowdoin College – Mid-December;
Brown University – December 14th, 5pm EST online;
Caltech – Emailed on 12th of December by noon PST
Carnegie Mellon – Mailed as early as December 12th
Columbia ED – Online December 10, 5PM EST
Cornell University – Dec. 10, 5pm
Dartmouth College – December 8th 4PM EST
Dickinson College – ED – December 15th
Duke University – December 10th 6pm
Fordham University EA – December 25th
Georgetown University – December 15th
George Washington University – December 9 @ 6:00 pm online
Haverford College – December 15th
Johns Hopkins University – December 15th, 6 PM EST email, letters sent out same day.
Lehigh University – Letters out by 15th.
MIT – Dec 16th, 9pm
Northwestern ED – December 15th (2008)
Purdue University EA – begin December 11th, decisions posted daily.
Stanford University – December 15 3 pm PST
University of Chicago – December 13 (2008)
University of Michigan-by December 24
University of Notre Dame– Dec 15th by mail
University of Pennsylvania – December 11, 3:00 PM
Washington University in St. Louis- December 11th and 12th. Posted online.
Wellesley College ED – December 11th, 5 PM online
Williams College ED – mailed by December 15th (2008)
Yale University – December 15th @5 PM online

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Best of luck to everyone!

-Ross Blankenship

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