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Everything about College Applications

The Basics of Electronic College Applications

What should you know about college applications in the high tech era? A brief explanation follows.

I. How to submit your college applications (options):

The Common Application: With 456 participating schools, it allows you to fill out one application. State schools participating include the University of Michigan and UNC Chapel Hill.
The Universal College Application: The name is deceiving since it includes only 59 schools to whom you can submit a single application.
State and School Specific Electronic Applications: Many large state schools and selective private institutions such as Georgetown and MIT have their own applications that can be found on their web-site.

How to submit your high school transcripts:
An increasing number of high schools are using eDocs through Naviance to send the transcripts electronically to your schools. Paper forms for sending transcripts through the mail, however, can still be picked up at many high school guidance offices.

How to send test scores:
Students must request that test scores be sent to all of their colleges by the deadlines. You can request your scores through Request SAT scores, and Request ACT scores. When you sign up for the ACT’s or SAT’s, use the same legal name and e-mail for all subsequent application materials to avoid confusion.

Follow-Up is the Key
Assume it will take two to four weeks or your application to be processed. If its arrival has not been confirmed in four weeks, call to clarify its status and whether there are any missing pieces.

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