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Where can you find Live-In Tutors?

Live-in tutors can be found through companies such as Top Test Prep. This is a niche and elite service for those who are looking to have a tutor live in their home and be available at a moment’s notice. The tutor will be able to work around any schedule, anywhere in the world.

Live-in tutors should be hired through a company to ensure their quality. Remember, they can simply tutor in addition to your child’s education or they can act as the sole educator. This is perfect for families who travel between countries frequently, making traditional classroom schooling difficult.

The convenience of having a qualified teacher for any and all of your children at a moments notice means there is never a lapse in schooling and learning. Summer breaks are never wasted and travel is easy, all while never having to worry about taking time out of the traditional classroom.

For busy families and active kids a tutor down the hall might be the best educational option. If you have any questions about live-in tutors or think that it is a perfect fit for your family please reach out to us at Top Test Prep at 800 501 7737.

For more information on live-in tutors and how to manage a tutor relationship, contact Kristin Nance, Director of Domestic and International Programs at Top Test Prep. Top Test Prep is the elite one on one tutoring and admissions company featuring some of the best and brightest tutors and admission experts in the business.  Kristin can be reached at 202-618-4532.


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