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Five Smart Tips for ISEE Exam Prep

The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is the premier admissions test used by most private schools for students in grades 5-12. There are three different levels of testing, depending on which grade the student is applying for, and within each of those levels, the test consists of three sections:

  1. A verbal and quantitative reasoning section that measures a student’s capacity for learning.
  2. A reading comprehension and mathematics section.
  3. An essay section.

Here are five tips for students to use effectively as ISEE test prep methods:

  1. Time After Time – Don’t just take practice tests, time yourself as well. It’s important to know how you will perform under the potential added pressure of being timed. After doing this a few times, you should have a good idea for the areas that you may need to work on most.
  2. Widen Your Horizons – Sometimes the best way to prepare for the reading comprehension portion of the test is simply to immerse yourself with as much reading as you can fit into your schedule. Try a nice blend of contemporary literature with a healthy dose of the classics for the optimal widening of your reading horizons.
  3. If You Build It, It Will Come – Your vocabulary will build if you get in the habit of looking up unfamiliar words as you read. In particular, pay attention to the common uses of prefixes and suffixes, as this can help you with words that maybe you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with at all.
  4. Forget Me Not – Sometimes it can be difficult to truly comprehend what you’ve read because you’re either too tired or distracted. The best way to really remember and comprehend what you’re reading is to avoid reading altogether when you’re in one of these states of mind. Take a break when you need to and refresh your brain with a guilty pleasure perhaps or another favorite pastime. Maybe just picking up the phone to call a friend for a fun chat, a much needed pick-me-up, or some words of encouragement can be all you need to get going again.
  5. Don’t Procrastinate – It’s a fine line between taking a much needed break and just flat out putting things off until the last minute. Don’t let a healthy break turn into a bad habit. Procrastination habits inevitably lead to disappointment and poor results. Get in the habit of studying early and often. You will remember more and perform better if you can balance out your study habits rather than saving them until the eleventh hour.

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