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Format of the SAT

The SAT was, until last year, the most commonly taken standardized test for entrance into college. It tests your ability to test, rather than content that you would have learned in school. It is well suited to students for whom timing might be an issue, and who tend to do especially well on standardized tests at school. So is the SAT right for you?

The SAT consists of three sections with each section worth 800 points:
· Math
· Reading comprehension
· Writing (the essay is in this section)

These sections test your reasoning skills and verbal abilities, not necessarily what you may have learned in school. The SAT may be a good choice if you a pursuing a college major in a certain field where one section of the SAT may be more important than the others. If you were to apply to engineering schools, they would prefer a higher score in the Math section while a journalism program would focus more on your verbal score. The big assumption with the SAT is that it concentrates more so on your ability to not be fooled by tricky questions and answers than on what you may have learned throughout high school.

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