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Frequently Asked Questions for the ACT


What subjects does the ACT test in?
The ACT consists of English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. The ACT plus writing includes all four of the subjects and a 30 minute written essay. The format is 215 multiple choice questions in a given time of 3 and a half hours (or 4 hours if you are taking the writing section).

How does the ACT differ from the SAT?
The ACT is considered to be less abstract than the SAT. The ACT is a better exam for students who have a good recollection of specific subjects learned throughout high school. The ACT has a science section that is intended to test your reasoning skills and not actual science knowledge. There is no penalty for wrong answers on the ACT, unlike the SAT, which deducts a quarter of a point per wrong answer.

What should I bring with me to take the test?
When packing for the ACT, you must remember to bring your admission ticket and acceptable identification. You should also bring some Number 2 pencils, which is the only writing tool allowed. A basic four function calculator is allowed, if you wish to use one for the math section. Another suggested item that may help you throughout the test is a watch to help you pace yourself.

What is the format of the ACT?

The ACT is comprised of 4 sections and an optional writing section. The topics, number of questions, and time frame given for each section are:

English/75 Questions/45 min
Mathematics/60 Questions/60 Min
Reading/40 Questions/35 Min
Science/40 Questions/35 Min
Writing/1 prompt/30 min

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