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Getting Ready For Your Test Date!

Even if you feel that you’ve done enough test prep that you are a Jedi Test Master, here are a few ways to best prepare your mind and body in the days leading up to the test.

A Good Night’s Sleep–Two Nights Before:
Everyone will tell you how important it is to get a full night’s sleep before your test date. But you should also be sure to get a good night’s sleep two nights before your test date. It is very possible that you will not sleep as well as you want the night before your test. No matter how confident you are, it is normal to be slightly nervous . You may find yourself struggling past your planned bedtime to fall asleep. If you get less than  eight or nine hours of sleep the night before the test, but you had a full night’s sleep two nights previous, you will at least have some “stored up” rest for your body to run on. You won’t feel refreshed, but some light aerobics will get your brain in gear.

Even if you have been scoring great on all your practice tests, when you walk into the test center you may feel overwhelmed and begin to doubt yourself. You may see all the other students and think about how well they are going to do. Or you may see the test booklets and get scared about all the unknown questions awaiting you. All these thoughts are normal. But it is important to be ready for them and realize they are silly. Repeat over and over, “I am going to do great on this test.” If you keep telling yourself this, you won’t have time to fill your head with other, scary thoughts.

House Chores:
Your parents will love this. In the days leading up to your test, go out of your way to do house chores. Clean your room, take the dog for long walks, help your family with errands. Menial work is very good for the brain as it gives you a chance to engage in an activity while giving your analytic skills a chance to relax. Not only will it allow your brain a break from all the studying, it will give you small feelings of accomplishments and make you feel good about yourself.

If you’re a regular coffee or energy drink user, watch out. On one hand, these substances are addictive. If you drink coffee every morning, it would be a mistake to forego a cup the morning of your test date. However, it is also important to remember that the test environment will amp you up. This is your body’s normal “fight or flight” response. This combined with sugar or caffeine may be enough to impair your judgment. If you need caffeine, try to keep it to as little an amount as possible.

These are just a few ways to physically and mentally prepare for your test. The most important thing is to stay relaxed in the days leading up to the test. Don’t stay up and play video games the night before, but stick to your normal routine. And finally, don’t cram! Read a book you enjoy, hang out with your family, and get some rest.


This post is titled, “Getting Ready For Your Test Date!” It was written by Jon B., a writer on Top Test Prep’s team.

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