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Helpful Tips for Creating a College Admissions Brag Sheet

How to Create A College Brag Sheet

What Is a College Brag Sheet?

Brag sheets are a student’s resume and are designed to assist teachers in writing recommendations and to accompany college applications. A brag sheet can help you gain admission to some of the best colleges in the country. It’s your chance to highlight all of the great things you’ve accomplished in high school, and what you’re likely to do once you matriculate at top schools.

There are a few types of admission brag sheets:

Activity based brag sheets focus on a student’s performance in areas such as extracurricular activities, employment, community service, honors, and awards. In narrative brag sheets students or parents respond to questions intended to provide insights into what makes students tick. For instance, what are a student’s proudest accomplishments or do you want to explain special student circumstances? Hybrid brag sheets combine a description of student activities with narrative oriented questions.

Overall Tips for Creating Your Brag Sheets

1. Find out if your high school or the colleges to which you are applying have a preferred brag sheet format with details on the information you are to provide. The school’s website may have this information. Adjust your brag sheet accordingly.

2. Focus on quality and brevity over quantity. A laundry list of non-prioritized activities or long answers to narrative questions will confuse readers. Your brag sheet should be about a page long and should highlight the activities in which you have excelled and the qualities which best capture your character. Ask yourself what sets you apart from others.

3. Start in chronological order with your most recent activities or awards and work backwards.

4. Detail what years you have been involved in each activity and specific time commitments. You can refer to hours per week or weeks per year in your explanation.

5. Point out what you have contributed to an activity and any leadership positions you have held. If you were the chief organizer of a high school dance to raise money for leukemia patients, emphasize that fact.

6. Review your brag sheet for consistency and clarity. Don’t say “I” in one area and “we” in another. Use active verbs such as “created,” “designed,” and “coordinated.”

7. Think about how what you write will be interpreted by the recommender and by the admissions office. It should distinguish you from other students and illuminate your strengths. It should also take into account the mission of the school to which you are applying as delineated on its website. If a college stresses community service, make this a prominent aspect of your brag sheet.

This article about “How to Write a College Admissions Brag Sheet” should help students as they prepare to apply to colleges. It was written by David Dickson, who is on the the College Admissions Counseling team for Top Test Prep. For more information on Top Test Prep’s private tutoring and admissions counseling programs, simply call (800) 501-Prep.

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