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How Dropping Spring 2012 Classes Can Endanger the College Applications of High School Seniors

High School seniors must be aware of the importance of not dropping any important spring semester courses. The senior classes students list on their college applicatons include course work for the spring 2012 semester. College admissions officers base their decision to accept students on their grade transcripts and course curriculum which includes spring semester classes. If a student elects to drop a course in the spring semester, they have submitted a false college application. Consequently, colleges could rescind their offer of admission because the information submitted on the application is no longer true.

If you feel compelled to drop an elective spring course that you don’t need, contact the admissions officers in charge of your college files to ask how doing so will affect your application. However, don’t drop classes in core subjects such as math, science, English or social science. This will be frowned upon by college admissions officers when your submit your final grade transcripts in June 2012.

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