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How Much Can You Earn Over A Lifetime With Your Degree?

A recently released study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and The Work-Force traces median life-time earnings by highest educational attainment. Results of this study follow.

Median Life-Time Earnings by Highest Educational Attainment:

Less Than High School $973,000
High School Diploma $1,304,000
Some College/No Degree $1,547,000
Associates Degree $1,727,000
Bachelor’s Degree $2,268,000
Masters Degree $2,671,000
Doctoral Degree $3,252,000
Professional Degree $3,648,000


Earning a bachelor’s degree and advanced degrees provides their recipients with much higher earning potential than their counterparts with less education. Top Test Prep offers tutoring and test preparations with admission experts who help you gain admission to your top schools.

David Dickson is an admissions counselor with Top Test Prep, which provides educational counseling and test prep for students applying to the best schools. Learn more by call (800) 501-7737 today.

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