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How to Dress for Your College Interview

Want to know how to dress for your college interview?

First impressions last. So dress well for your college interview! Don’t blow your chances of getting into your dream school because you don’t brush your hair or tuck your shirt in. If you show up in a Rush concert shirt or a Yankees baseball hat on backwards, you’re risking a lot. (Unless, by some extremely odd coincidence, the college admissions counselor loves Geddy Lee or Derek Jeter.) Be professional – a college interview is similar to a job interview. Dress well – and dress so that you won’t fall over due to a constricted waist!


This is a professional day. Your wardrobe choice should reflect that. A college interview can make the difference between acceptance and rejection. If done well, a positive interview might also land you on a scholarship award list. Nose rings, eyebrow rings – basically, anything but traditional earrings – should be pulled out or tucked in. No jeans. Find khakis or dress pants – ladies may wear dresses or skirts as long as they are an appropriate length. Wear a belt if your pants need it, and a tie if appropriate. Clothing without words is best, unless it’s your school’s name. If you normally wear heavy makeup, consider a lighter look for the day. Your personality will come through in the speaking part of the interview.


Comfort is essential for your interview. You might feel more dressed up than usual, but you want to wear clothes that you will feel somewhat natural in. Ladies – if you aren’t used to wearing high heels, don’t start now, especially if you plan to take a walking tour of campus. Your shoes should be formal, but not painful. If button-up shirts feel too tight or uncomfortable, consider a polo shirt. Formality should not mean misery, so try to find a happy medium. You may laugh – but if you wear tight clothes just because they look good, you might end up with a cramp mid-interview and have to force your smiles. You want to look as happy as possible. So make sure that while you dress formally, you dress naturally, too.


This post is titled “How to Dress for Your College Interview.” It was written by Marta Casey, a writer on Top Test Prep’s team.

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