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How to Get off the College Admissions Waitlist, Tips and Strategies

How to Get off the College Admissions Waitlist: Tips and Strategies

If you’re waitlisted to your top college and still would like some help getting into your top choice college, there is hope. With these four admissions tips, you can improve your chances of getting off the waitlist and gaining admission to college.

(1) Follow-up with the admissions office. As soon as you receive your waitlist letter, immediately follow-up with the admissions office to indicate your interest. Often wait lists are first-come, first-serve on a rolling basis. If you don’t show interest early, you’re unlikely to gain admission.

(2) Create a new admissions portfolio. Yes, the admissions office undoubtedly received your common application with personal statement, but sometimes this isn’t enough. Write 250 to 500 words on one great thing you’ve done or accomplished in school, or an award you won that wasn’t mentioned on the college application.

(3) Arrange an informal interview with a regional college alum. You might not know this, but most elite colleges have alumni interviewers in most parts of the world who are ready, willing and able to meet with applicants. You should see if it’s possible to set-up a meeting with a local or regional representative. Be sure to be as informal as possible here and don’t be too pushy. Kindly request this meeting, and see if the admissions office goes for it.

(4) Consider re-taking the SAT or ACT. There are a couple more SAT and ACT exams open before the fall. If you’re feeling ambitious (which you should!) consider re-taking these exams and submitting your new SAT and/or ACT scores. This initiative will go a long way in proving your interest in that particular college.

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This article was written by college admissions expert, Ross Blankenship.

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