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How to Highlight Your Other Strengths to Admissions Officials

It’s a common experience: Some students study as hard as they can and can’t seem to raise their standardized test scores. Luckily, college admissions officers take a holistic review of your accomplishments. There’s no need to apologize or make excuses for your standardized test scores. By emphasizing your strengths in other sections of your application, you can still prove your potential as an applicant. Make sure to focus on these key components:

The essay…
The essay is an open microphone for you to talk about your passions and experiences. Make sure you put enough effort into this section of your application so that your writing is organized, clear, and strong. Ask others to help you through several rounds of review to ensure your message is clear and your candidacy is exhibited. Don’t try to write what you think admissions officers “want” to hear. Be yourself.

The interview…
The interview is one of the few opportunities for face-to-face interaction during the admissions process, so take advantage of it if the schools you are applying to offer one. Again, practice often and be yourself. Answer questions confidently, and highlight why you would be a good fit for the college you’re interviewing for.

Classes and extra-curricular activities…
Talk with your teachers if you are concerned about your standardized test scores. By maintaining or even improving your GPA, you can demonstrate a strong academic background despite your test scores. Taking on a leadership role in athletics, arts, or other activities will also highlight a unique experience that you bring as a college applicant.

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