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How to Improve your SAT or ACT scores

There are several ways you can improve your SAT or ACT scores.  At Top Test Prep, we have improved SAT and ACT scores by isolating the following common issues: timing and test anxiety.  We’ve found ways to help you prepare for these exams and battle these major issues.

How to Improve your SAT or ACT scores:

(A) Timing: The biggest that most students have for either exams is timing.  Learning how to pace yourself for these exams is crucial.  One recommended strategy to use for the SAT and ACT exams is to take practice tests in real, timed conditions.  Often times students take “practice” SAT/ACT exams in pieces instead of in their whole parts.  First, always take the exams at the same time and day of the actual exam.  If you’re taking these SAT/ACT exams on a Saturday at 10am, I would highly encourage you to do all of your practice exams during the same time period.  In addition, if you’re having trouble keeping pace with the time allotted – usually 20 to 25 minutes for the SAT and 35 to 60 minute section on the ACT – try taking the exam under faster conditions.  Both strategies will give you an advantage over other students.

(B) Exam Anxiety: Taking these exams could be the biggest day of your life. You are bound to be nervous and anxious to complete the exams so that you can move on to bigger and better things like college.

I would recommend you do the following before exam day to calm your test exam anxiety:  (1) Don’t try to rush your studying to the last minute.  Instead, complete your test prep studying a full day prior to exam day.  This will give you some time to relax and not worry as much.  (2)  Don’t have too much caffeine before the exam.  Drinking too much coffee might off-set your heart rate and could cause you unnecessary  anxiety.  (3) On test day, if you can get up early enough, go for a quick jog in the morning.  A short 20 minute jog will get the blood flowing in your body and will allow oxygen to travel with it.  Exercise can help you perform better on the exams, and will keep you happier.

Overall, if you can conquer both SAT/ACT exam timing issues and anxiety, you’re half way through the battle of improving your test scores.  Our SAT tutors and SAT prep program can help you, as well as our ACT tutors and ACT prep programs.

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