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How to Improve Your SSAT Math Scores: Tips and Strategies

Preparing for the SSAT can seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking SSAT math practice tests will familiarize you with the simple tricks to break down the math problems, spacing out your test preparation sessions to maximize understanding of the material, and incorporating tried and true SSAT math strategies will put you well on your way to acing the SSAT math section.

1.    Take practice tests!

This may sound like cliché advice, but the reality of the math section is that the tests are comprised of similar questions. The more practice tests you take, the better you understand the nuances of these questions. This sense of familiarity with the questions will increase your confidence on test day, ensuring that you do your best work.

 2.    Simulate the test environment when taking practice tests.

As mentioned above, familiarity breeds confidence. Take the math practice tests timed and keep track of those problems that take longer. Work with a tutor to increase your speed on these difficult questions by breaking down the problems and learning the tricks for that problem type. Do these problems without a calculator, since you will not have access to a calculator on test day.

 3.    Use process of elimination (POE) before guessing.

The SSAT penalizes you ¼ of a point for each incorrect answer. However, if you are able to narrow your options down to three answer choices, the odds are in favor of guessing. At this point, take an educated guess before moving on.

 4.    Familiarize yourself with the different types of problems covered in the math section.

The SSAT math section includes problems on sequences, percents, odds and evens, ratios and proportions. Work with a tutor to identify your strengths and weaknesses on these problems, and increase your confidence and speed on the problems.

We hope these tips on improving your SSAT math scores help; for information on SSAT Tutoring and Test Prep, contact our expert private school and boarding school counselors at (800) 501-7737.

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