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How to Prepare for An Admissions Interview

The most selective colleges place a particular emphasis on admissions interviews. How can you prepare?

1. Do Your Homework: Demonstrate how well you know the college. Research the web-site, including possible majors of interest, study abroad programs, and extracurricular activities.

2. Be Yourself: Authenticity is important. Allow your personality to shine.

3. Make it a Conversation: The more you can make it a discussion with questions for the interviewer, the better off you’ll be.

4. Share Information, but Not Too Much Information: Don’t restate your application, don’t blame your teachers, and don’t talk about family conflicts.

5. Come Prepared With Questions: The curriculum and student life are important areas. Make sure your questions are ones that can’t be answered on the college web-site.

6. Dress for Success: You should look neat and professional. Jeans, shorts, and tennis shoes or sandals will create the wrong impression.

7. Remember the Basics: Arrive early, bring a copy of your resume, and thank the interviewer.

8. Be Prepared For a Variety of Questions: Your favorite courses, meaningful extra-curricular activities, and why you are interested in the institution are common areas of inquiry.

9. Stay in Touch: Be sure to send a thank you note. Handwritten and delivered via postal service is the best.

A one-on-one admissions interview is an opportunity to set yourself apart. Take advantage of it!



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