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How To Prepare for the Chemistry Section of the MCAT

The first part in any test preparation is to know the subject that you are about to study. The information concerning the physical sciences section topics covered in the MCAT can be found here:


About half of the physical sciences section is devoted to general chemistry, so it is very important to be comfortable with the material. There are many great books and resources you can buy to help you prepare, and a private tutor can be an invaluable resource.

Before diving into studying, you should determine what the weak and strong points of your knowledge are. The best way to do this would be to take a full practice test. This way, you can figure out where you are in all the sections (chemistry, physics, biology, orgo and verbal reasoning). More elite tutoring and test prep services will do this prior to beginning actual lessons, so you will be in the best position with those programs who offer such diagnostic tests. Though it is important to initially concentrate on the apparent weak points in your chemistry knowledge, it is important not to overlook reviewing your strong points as well. The study of any of the parts of the MCAT (including the MCAT chem section) should be holistic.

Here are some MCAT Chemistry tips in particular: Chemistry is inundated with equations. The laws, theorems and concepts enveloped in the study of MCAT chemistry can usually be boiled down to their equations. The writers of the test are trying to determine how well you can identify and employ different approaches to problems. However, though some questions may mask themselves as being harder, or more complicated than one would want, they all boil down to basic equations.

When dealing with studying for chemistry, one should spend plenty of time understanding and learning to use the equations. With fluidity in the use of these formulas, comes understanding of concepts, and then success on the chemistry section of the MCAT.

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