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How to Prepare for the SSAT

The following is some great information for students preparing to take the SSAT exam. Top Test Prep’s SSAT Prep can help you master these sections.

Feel free to print these SSAT tips and share them with your family and friends.

Here’s how to prepare for the SSAT:

Before the test-

(1.) Have a light breakfast with fruits and something healthy to drink.
(2.) Remember to mark your current grade level, not the grade you will enter next year, on your answer sheet.
(3.) Don’t forget your #2 pencils with erasers (mandatory), watch (non-digital), and your SSAT admission ticket.

During the SSAT test-

(4.) One question → one answer, so don’t mark more than one for any question.
(5.) Make sure that you answer each question in the test answer sheet, not just in the test booklet!
(6.) Avoid mental mistakes such as second guessing yourself.
(7.) There is a guessing penalty…so, if you can eliminate at least two of the answers, then you can guess. If you have zero idea what the answer is, just skip the question and move on.
(8.) If you don’t know a word, don’t panic- instead break it down looking for its root and any other similar words you have heard before.
(9.) Don’t waste time reading instructions, you already know what to do. (If not, see below for SSAT test structure)
(10.) Writing Sample – Remember to organize your essay, (Intro, Body paragraphs, Conclusion, and to also indent all of your new paragraphs.

The SSAT Test Format…

The SSAT has five sections

Writing Sample – 25 minutes
Reading Section – 40 minutes
Math (2 Sections) – 30 minutes each
Synonyms – 30 minutes
Analogies – 30 minutes


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