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How to prepare for your college admissions interview

College interviews are often an integral part of the application process at colleges with competitive admissions processes. College admissions interviews don’t have to be tough! Here’s some help for that all important admissions interview.

Four ideas for a successful admissions interview follow.

1. Be an Interesting Interviewee by Getting Out of the Typical Teen-Age Comfort Zone

Check current events for a week or two prior to your interview, read a great book, and see a worthwhile film. You will be speaking to an adult who will be evaluating your maturity and perspective on life.

2. Research the College You Will Be Interviewing With
Look into prospective majors, college internship and exchange programs, and what makes the college you are interested in unique.

3. Have Specific Questions prepared for the Interviewer

Be prepared with three to five questions on the college which can’t be addressed by looking at the college web-site. Academics, student activities, and post graduation opportunities are legitimate areas of inquiry.

4. Be Prepared to Discuss Your Academic and Non-Academic Achievements

Reciting information from your transcript is not enough. Be prepared to discuss why you had a passion for certain courses and why a non-academic activity or experience was meaningful in your life.

Strong colleges are interested in thoughtful students who have a perspective on life and can explain how their institution will facilitate your goals. Careful preparation for you interview is a necessity if you are to excel!

David Dickson is a counselor at Top Test Prep which offers test preparation and tutoring with admissions experts who will help you gain admission to your top schools. Or you can call (800) 501-7737 to learn more about college admissions counseling programs with experts.

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