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How to Set Yourself Apart in Medical School Admissions

How do you set yourself apart from other medical school applications? The most obvious way you can start to make a good impression on the admissions committee is to have a good GPA and MCAT scores. But there are other things you can highlight to make yourself a more attractive prospective student.

Medical schools really like to see commitment to the medical profession beyond the simple completion of premed classes. Through shadowing, you are able to tag along with a physician and observe “a day in the life”. This experience will allow you to talk about the experience of being a physician instead of just the study of being a physician.

The heft that a volunteer position has cannot be understated. If you were part of a volunteer organization for the majority of your undergraduate years, this is a very good thing to highlight on your application. This shows commitment, and altruism and lets you talk about your compassion and humanity, qualities that medical schools value in their future alums.

If you were able to participate in a varsity sport, a marching band, a dance troupe or another impressive extracurricular activity, DEFINETLY highlight this. Medical schools love seeing diverse applicants, with distinct interests and commitment to a task. If you held a leadership position, or accomplished something on the regional or national level, this should be a large part of your application.

Finally, if you have been committed to research in your undergrad years, include your abstracts and publications. Medicine revolves around medical advances due to research. An interest in discovering new information is very attractive to medical schools. If you have been published, be proud of it and let the committee know about it!

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