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Is it an advantage if you can pay full tuition? If so, how does it affect college admissions?

(Highlights of College Admissions Directors Survey)

A new survey of senior admissions officials at 472 nonprofit colleges and universities reveals an emphasis on finding full-paying students in a period of financial uncertainty. Selective results of the survey follow.

Survey Results from Admissions Directors:

(1) For many colleges, a top goal of admissions directors is recruiting more students who can pay more. The runner-up strategy was providing more aid for low and middle-income students.
(2) Among all sectors of higher education, there is a push to recruit additional out-of-state students (who at public institutions pay significantly more) and international students.
(3) At public doctoral institutions, the gap between admissions directors citing the recruitment of full-paying students as an admissions strategy and those who prioritized aid for low-income students was 47 percent to 40 percent. At public master’s institutions, the gap was 45 percent to 38 percent.
(4) The interest in full-pay students is so strong that 10 percent of four-year colleges report that the full-pay students they are admitting have lower grades and test scores than do other admitted applicants.

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