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Is the SAT Required At Your Top School? Perhaps not, but…

You should still prepare for the exam even if the SAT is not required at your top school…here’s why:

It used to be thought that SAT scores were the best way to determine an individual’s potential for collegiate success. While that is a view still held by many, a growing amount of research has shown that high school success can be an equally good metric for predicting one’s college success.

The Huffington Post has put together a slideshow of fifteen top colleges that allow applicants to not submit SAT scores. The list includes schools such as NYU, Bowdoin, Bates, and Middlebury.

So if you’re struggling with the SAT, or just fearful of standardized tests, should you focus your college search on these schools? For many reasons that would be a mistake. For one, many of these schools still require either the ACT or a selection of standardized subject tests as a replacement for the SAT. If you are going to put the effort in to master these tests, then one can take that same energy and put it towards getting a high SAT score.

Furthermore, one should not let a school’s admissions process determine where they want to spend their college career. Even if you feel that your SAT score is not representative of your true intelligence, there are many schools that still require it and believe in its usefulness. While the schools that do not take SATs may offer you a better chance of admission, your focus should be on schools you want to go to, not schools you feel you have a better shot of getting accepted.

More significantly, people often believe they are going to do worse on the SAT than they actually do. Often, one needs to just get to know the test, and to become comfortable with its particular idiosyncrasies, in order to score well. A test prep program will not raise your innate intelligence. However, it will teach you how to focus your intelligence in new ways that will allow you to succeed.

Just because certain schools allow you to avoid taking the test, you should not jump at that opportunity. By enrolling in a Top Test Prep program you can significantly improve your SAT score to the point where you will want to show it off on your application!

This article is titled, “Is the SAT Not Required At Your Top School? Master It Anyway!.” It was written by Jon B, a writer at Top Test Prep’s team.

To learn more about Top Test Prep’s programs, call (800) 501-Prep or visit us at TopTestPrep.com.


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