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ISEE Test Locations

The ISEE is offered at different dates and times depending on your location.  You will need to go to the ISEE website and find the most convenient location for you to take the ISEE. Unlike the SSAT, the ISEE can only be taken once very 6 months. Since the ISEE is not as popular as the SSAT, testing dates are not as frequent. In general, each testing center will only offer the ISEE a few times per year, generally in the spring or summer. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to take the ISEE:

  • Because you can only take the ISEE once every 6 months (or about once per admissions cycle), most likely you will not have the option of taking it more than once when applying to private schools. So, make sure that you register for a test date at least 3-6 months ahead of time. You can’t take it again the next month like the SSAT, so you must go in completely prepared.
  • You can register for the ISEE online, via phone, or by mail. The easiest way to register is online. The registration fee is $100 for online and mail, and $120 for a phone registration. You will also have to pay an additional $30 dollar fee to receive your scores online.
  • You can also schedule your own ISEE test through a company called Prometric. Although Prometric is mainly for students in remote locations who cannot make it to a test enter, it is also convenient for students who would like to take the test online or need to take it at a time other than the date it is administered at their local test center.
  • The ISEE is not as popular as the SSAT, so test dates and locations may be much more limited. However, areas like New York and Dallas prefer the ISEE instead of the SSAT. Areas where the ISEE is more popular offer more testing dates and centers.


If you are considering taking the ISEE, or have more questions about scheduling your test, the experts at Top Test Prep can help. Call us at (800) 501 7737 for your free consultation.

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