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The Sections of the ISEE

Like the SSAT, the ISEE has five sections. The sections are writing, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, and math. Your written essay will not be graded, but will be submitted directly to the schools to which you apply. Here is a quick breakdown of each section:

  • The Verbal Reasoning section consists of Synonym questions and Sentence Completion questions. Synonym questions are basically a test of your vocab knowledge. It will give you a word and ask you to determine which response most closely. Sentence completion questions will ask you which word best completes a sentence. In both types of questions, a strong working vocabulary is key. So, the best way to study for the Verbal Reasoning section is to study your vocab! Flash cards, reading books, anything to help you increase your vocabulary.
  • The Quantitative Reasoning Section is basically a math section, but with word problems instead of numbers and equations. You will not be allowed to use a calculator on this section. So, you should be able to think quickly and use your reasoning skills to solve these questions. The best way to study for this section is to do as many practice questions as possible so that you are familiar with all of the different types of questions that might be thrown at you.
  • The Reading Comprehension section is just that: you will read passages and have to answer questions based on the given passages. To study for this section, be sure that you can first of all read the passage in a reasonable amount of time, and second, understand the main idea of the passage. Helpful tips may be to write a quick summary of the passage in your own words, and underline key passages as you read. Be an active reader, not a passive one.
  • The math section will test you on appropriate subjects for your level. On the ISEE, you will be tested on basic algebra, geometry, data analysis, and numeric operations. Differing levels of the test will have different difficulties of questions in each subject.

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