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ISEE Format and Practice Tests

The ISEE consists of five sections. The verbal and quantitative reasoning sections test your ability to think and use logic to solve questions. The math and reading comprehension sections are more of a test of your knowledge of the subject matter. In general, the ISEE is more straightforward and knowledge based than the SSAT. While the SSAT really tests a student’s ability to think creatively, the ISEE will be more of a test of the subjects you will learn in school.

The timing and sections of the ISEE Are as follows:

  • Verbal Reasoning: 40 questions, 20 minutes
  • Quantitative Reasoning: 37 questions, 35 minutes
  • Reading Comprehension: 36 questions, 35 minutes
  • Mathematics Achievement: 47 questions, 40 minutes
  • Essay: 30 minutes

The questions on the ISEE are all multiple choice, with the exception of the essay. You essay will be sent directly to all the schools to which you decide to send your score report.


While it is important to take full length practice tests, you should not be doing this every day or even every week. Practice tests are a good gauge of how you are progressing and how your time management skills are improving. However, it is important to study a little bit every day, whether it is learning new math skills or studying vocab flash cards. However, when you do decide to take full-length practice tests, make sure that you take them under real testing conditions. Find a quiet place (that means away from computers and cell phones) and keep track of your time. Do not allow yourself to go over the given time constraints! This will ensure that when you take the real thing, you will have an accurate measure of your test taking abilities.


There is obviously a vast amount of ISEE practice tests online. The kind folks at ERB (The company that administers the ISEE) have put a free ISEE guide with a full length practice test on their website. There are also a vast number of books and materials you can purchase. If you would like to gain access to an unlimited amount of practice tests and problems, call us at Top Test Prep: (800) 501 7737.

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