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Tips To Get Accepted into an Ivy League University

Ivy-LeagueThe 8 universities that comprise the Ivy League have a reputation for their academic rigor, professional achievement and selectivity. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Ivy League schools received more than 200,000 applications for the class of 2013. Only 11.9 percent of these applicants were accepted. Of the 200,000 applicants, it is probably safe to say the majority were highly intelligent students with the extra curricular activities and internships that would look good to most college admission boards.

Here are some tips that may make you stand out enough to get accepted.
· Make sure to look at college’s average accepted SAT or ACT scores. There is a reason why the average SAT or ACT score in the Ivy Leagues rises from year to year. The Ivy Leagues universities use the SAT or ACT score as a tool with which to compare students from different high schools with inconsistent grading standards.
· Take classes that push and challenge you. Don’t just take easy classes to receive good grades. The admissions board will not only look at your grades, but also at the courses you took throughout high school.
· Most Ivy League universities ask for two teacher as well as one counselor recommendation. The role your teachers and guidance counselors play is vital because the admissions board reads their recommendation with much interest.
· The admissions process is mainly an evaluation of your academic record. Submitting a great essay is important but it will not make up for less than stellar academics. It is highly unlikely that you will get into any of the Ivy League schools based purely on a well written essay.
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