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Law Firm Recruiters – New Law School Rankings (US News)

The newest law school rankings completed by law firm recruiters was just released by US News and World Report.  Many of the biggest surprises include Harvard taking over its rival Yale Law for the first time, and Wash U in St. Louis taking a spot in the top 20 – somewhat of a surprise as far as many Wash U Law grads would say.  Quick shout to E.J.A for the heads up on the rankings.

Here are the law firm recruiter rankings, respectively:

Average Reputation Score (5.0=highest)

1. Harvard University 4.9
2. Stanford University 4.8
2. Yale University 4.8
4. Columbia University 4.7
4. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor 4.7
6. New York University 4.6
6. University of Virginia 4.6
8. Cornell University 4.5
8. Duke University 4.5
8. Northwestern University 4.5
8. University of California–Berkeley 4.5
8. University of Chicago 4.5
13. Georgetown University 4.4
13. University of Pennsylvania 4.4
15. Vanderbilt University 4.3
15. Washington University in St. Louis 4.3
17. University of Texas–Austin 4.2
18. Boston University 4.1
18. Emory University 4.1
18. University of California–Los Angeles 4.1
18. University of Minnesota–Twin Cities 4.1
18. University of Notre Dame 4.1
18. University of Southern California 4.1
18. Washington and Lee University 4.1
25. Boston College 4.0

Note as U.S News Reports… “[The} News survey, which was sent last fall to 750 hiring partners and recruiters at law firms who made the 2010 Best Law Firms rankings produced jointly by U.S. News and the publication Best Lawyers.”

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