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4 Ways To Cope While Waiting For A Decision

Waiting for college admission decisions can be stressful. Deadlines for regular admission to most schools – graduate and undergraduate – have closed. The culmination of months of writing essays, taking tests, filling forms and asking for recommendations has passed. After focused effort and studying for tests, sending in applications can feel like an anticlimactic false summit; the work of applying is over. But you haven’t yet attained your goal. Welcome to Limbo Land.

Although you might feel powerless, there are a few ways to cope while waiting to hear from colleges.

1. You cannot change your applications or essays now, so don’t worry about them. Worrying about things you cannot change will stress you more than dealing with other aspects of your life that you have control over. You’ve done your best, applied, and now it’s time to move back to the present. The waiting time will pass more quickly this way, too.

2. Maintain academic rigor and focus on your main activities and work. Your test scores and transcripts are in – but maintaining a strong academic record can only help you. In fact, if an admissions office contacts your current school, it is imperative that you show continued effort. Furthermore, if you are put on a waiting list strong work will boost your chances of acceptance.

3. Visit campuses if you haven’t, and reinvestigate programs of interest. If you didn’t get a chance to visit all the colleges you applied to, think about visiting during the waiting period. Seeing a college firsthand and talking with professors and current students might broaden your view about your first choice and other options. You can also use this time to do extra research on colleges and programs to make more informed decisions when acceptance or rejection letters do come.

4. Connect with your friends and family to relax – go have fun! Tests and applications are essential for college, but they are also just one part of life. In the middle of test preparation and application essays, the world sometimes shrinks into a microcosm with different priorities. Stress is part of the process, but now it is time for a little decompression. Spending time with friends and family is a great way to show appreciation, especially if you’ve been hunkered down with applications the past few months.

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