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May 1st SAT Exam

For those students taking the May 1st SAT exam, we want to give you some SAT tips to help you get ready. These SAT tips will hopefully reduce your test anxiety and improve your SAT scores.

First, remember that the SAT is a time intensive examination. You must manage your time wisely. If you get caught on one problem, which you can’t answer quickly, keep moving! For the SAT math section, know that the order of difficulty increases as you move through the math section. So try to get through the easier math problems first, and then keep plugging until you complete the section. For the SAT verbal (Reading and Writing), the order of difficulty does not increase as you move through the sections. Keep this in mind as you’re completing the sections.

Second, make sure to get tons of rest before test day. If you mess up your sleep pattern before the exam, you’re likely to come to the SAT test disheveled and unprepared.

Lastly, remember when you’re writing your SAT essay to be organized and write your argument with cogent examples that make sense. The more examples you use without quoting the actual SAT essay prompt, the better. To write an essay that goes from good to great, you need to have structure, and a great argument based on real-life examples.

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