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MD or MD-PhD: Which Program Is Right For Me?

You are about to apply to graduate school, pursuing a medical carer. You have to ask yourself an important question about your future: do you want to go into research or do you want to be a practicing physician? That should be the deciding question that answers which program is right for you.

The M.D.-Ph.D. track allows you to pursue clinical research, become a medical school professor and to apply for research grants. There are a multitude of different Ph.D. disciplines that are available in this program, ranging from biochemistry & macromolecular biophysics to physiology, to neuroscience. The M.D. track allows you to become a practicing physician. The M.D. usually has more contact with clinical patients and goes onto internships and residencies aimed to educate on the basis of patient treatment.

The M.D. program is a four-year track, which covers a basis of clinical and medical knowledge preparing the students for work in the hospitals and with patients. On the other hand, the M.D.-Ph.D. program is much longer. The research component of this program comes after the first year (which is more medical in nature). The research can last anywhere from 3-6 years. The student then must return to complete the last three years of the traditional medical school. Though the dual program usually lasts almost twice as long, there are many more opportunities for stipends and tuition waivers, so the cost is significantly lower.

Applicants to the dual program must have significant research experience, recommendation letters from research mentors, good GPA and MCAT scores, in addition to impressive extracurricular activities and life experience. The admission for the dual degree is significantly lower than the M.D. program (35% vs. 45% admission rate), so the credentials should generally be strong on all fronts.

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