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Tips for Medical School Applications

1) Start early. Most medical schools operate on a rolling basis. That means that the earlier you submit your application, the better your chances at an interview and, subsequently, an acceptance. Starting early also gives you a cushion of time to work with, in case you get stuck on your personal statement or run into trouble acquiring a recommendation from a professor.

2) Proofread. Proofread like your life depends on it. Painstakingly scour your application for errors, and ensure that some of your closest friends and family members help you to do the same. This will help you to avoid unnecessary typos and grammatical errors that may detract from your otherwise excellent application.

3) Keep everything accurate and succinct. Remember that a typical admissions officer may have hundreds of applications to slog through in a very short amount of time, so try to keep everything concise and accessible. Ensure that all hours are logged accurately, and that you don’t over-exaggerate the importance of some of your past responsibilities – when in doubt, err on the side of caution.

4) Bring a copy of your applications to your interview. By that time, it’s likely to have been several months since the submission of your application, so make sure you didn’t forget any important details! Find the time to go over everything again the night before so that you have everything fresh in your mind and can smoothly describe your extracurricular activities and background to your interviewer.


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