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Questions to Ask during Medical School Interviews

A common stumbling block for many med school hopefuls comes at the very end of the interview. You’ve hit it off with your interviewer, received glowing praise regarding your extracurriculars and academic resume, had a couple of laughs over your mutual hometown, and just as you’re getting ready to mail yourself an acceptance letter, the dreaded question comes. “Do you have any questions for me?” your interviewer says, with the guile of someone who doesn’t know that they’ve just ruined your entire day.

Here’s a couple of suggestions to help ward off that potential fate. You’ll want to avoid redundant questions that can be easily Google’d, or questions whose answers can be found in the presentation you just had to sit through earlier in the day. When in doubt, make your questions open-ended and broad, to invite opinion and discussion from your interviewer. There’s no doubt that they have a lot of valuable advice and perspective to contribute regarding the school, the area, and the students, so take this opportunity to ask some good questions.

1) What is your favorite thing about this school? What is your least favorite?

2) Do you anticipate any changes to the curriculum or facilities within the next half decade?

3) What is the general morale of your students? Would you say that there is a specific personality that is drawn to your school?

4) In your opinion, what’s the most impressive research being done here?

5)  What’s the best thing about your school that no one talks about?

6) How will medecine change in the next 10 years? 20 years?

7) Are the new health care changes expected to affect the way medical professionals practice?


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