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Medical School Personal Statement Tip #1

The personal statement for your medical school applications is very difficult thing to write. When you start asking yourself, you might realize that it’s a difficult question: why do you want to go to medical school and what makes it a good idea? The personal statement is also a minefield; tips can very easily take the form of things not to do.

Here’s the first one: don’t write an essay that simply says, “I want to be a doctor because I want/like helping people.”

I say “simply” because as long as you complicate this basic formula and really make it your own, this essay can work. The problem is that this is very difficult to do, and you’ll be up against a lot of other essays that say the same thing: a desire to help people is a common motivation for becoming a doctor.

That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad one, obviously, and it can be a salvageable essay topic. But because it’s so hard to make it unique, it’s best to avoid this one and find another concept.

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