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The Myths and Facts of the SAT and ACT

There are an abundance of myths floating around about both the SAT and the ACT that need to be put to rest.  In order for you to have the proper information before your exam, let us debunk a few of these myths.

 Myth #1: The ACT and SAT have nothing to do with a student’s real education.

 Fact: If you subscribe to this myth, you risk losing out on an important educational opportunity.   There are many educational skills covered by the SAT and ACT.  One such skill is that they each feature timed essays (optional for the ACT).   Students are graded on how well they are able to structure their essay in the correct format and provide a persuasive view using basic rhetorical strategies.  This is how essays in college are graded, so it benefits the student to master that early on.  While it is true that the SAT may be more telling on how well you do on standardized testing, it still does offer other certain strategies that are beneficial towards the college curriculum.

  Myth #2: The ACT is an easier test than the SAT.

 Fact: The ACT is a different test, not necessarily any easier than the SAT.  The belief is that because the ACT presents the questions in a more direct manner, it must be easier than the SAT.  The ACT has a math section that includes trigonometry so for those who struggle with math, the ACT may be the more difficult of the two exams.  The ACT also includes a science section, which is intended to test your reading and reasoning skills.  Get familiar with both tests, so you can decide which one you would like to sit for and submit to colleges.

 Myth #3: My SAT/ACT score is the most important factor of my application that colleges consider.

 Fact: Grades in academic coursework and participation in extra curricular activities also weigh heavily in a college’s decision regarding your application.  Performance in standardized tests is only the first hurdle, and you still have to be a strong applicant after those are considered.

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