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The SAT Exam and Snooki from Jersey Shore? Reality TV Essay Prompt on the SAT

The most recent SAT Exam and its Reality TV Essay Prompt Ok, so we’ve had some of our Top Test Prep students inform us that the most recent SAT exam discussed the benefits/harms of reality TV shows.  Yes, I just said it.  An actual SAT exam discussed something as ridiculous as reality television shows such […]

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Top Test Prep Reviews

Top Test Prep Reviews For a review of Top Test Prep’s programs, check out the image below of a student Top Test Prep was able to successfully improve her scores and get into 8 of her top 10 colleges. We’re proud to continue working with so many students each year as they gain admission to […]

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5 Things You Can Do Differently During Your College Admissions

For many, knowing now what the application process is like comes with a little nostalgia – shoulda, coulda, woulda…. That wisdom and advice is worthwhile and useful. What would you have done differently? What do you wish you had done during the college admissions process? Here are 5 things many students wish they had done […]

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What To Do With Unfamiliar Essay Prompts

The college discussions boards are sounding off over an SAT essay prompt last Saturday. Even the New York Times takes a moment to cover the issue. At hand, was an essay prompt asking students to discuss reality television. Many students who had spent months away from television to study history, english, and literature, preparing themselves […]

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What To Do When You Are Waitlisted

March madness means more than hoops and tournaments – it’s also the time of year when colleges release their admission decisions to applicants. Waiting can be a difficult hiatus, but nothing can surpass the anticipation of colleges’ actual decisions.  So what do you do when you are waitlisted? Your hopes, expectations – they are all […]

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Getting Ready For Your Test Date!

Even if you feel that you’ve done enough test prep that you are a Jedi Test Master, here are a few ways to best prepare your mind and body in the days leading up to the test. A Good Night’s Sleep–Two Nights Before: Everyone will tell you how important it is to get a full […]

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Does Volunteering Help with College Admissions?

Does Volunteering Help with College Admissions? You’re taking challenging classes, studying for the SAT, and your lacrosse season is going well. You’re looking at different colleges and beginning to collect a list of admission requirements. You are in Model U.N. and keep busy with a few extracurricular projects throughout the year – but something seems […]

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Law Firm Recruiters – New Law School Rankings (US News)

The newest law school rankings completed by law firm recruiters was just released by US News and World Report.  Many of the biggest surprises include Harvard taking over its rival Yale Law for the first time, and Wash U in St. Louis taking a spot in the top 20 – somewhat of a surprise as […]

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How College Admissions Officers Use Google, Facebook, LinkedIn…

How do college admissions officers use social networks like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn? Do you have a Facebook or LinkedIn account? Have you checked those accounts today? What if a friend posted a silly comment or hacked into your account as joke and changed your information – just to be funny? Or what if you’ve been […]

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Overhyped Statistic 1: Student-Teacher Ratio

Here and there over the next few weeks, I want to take a look at some statistics that I feel are overvalued by prospective students, as well as a few statistics that are undervalued. The first one that comes to mind is student-teacher ratio (or average class-size). Over the last twenty years the trend has […]

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