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What Do Low College Acceptance Rates Show?

On Monday, we looked at a list of the top twenty schools with historically low acceptance rates. Remember what we saw? Two things were the conspicuous absence of public universities and the absence of many top private institutions like Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, and Tufts. Keeping an open mind is important in the college application […]

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Thinking About The Schools With The Lowest Acceptance Rates

Yikes! When looking over the admissions statistics for top schools in the previous post, it seems so easy to say, “What chance do I really have?” For example, Harvard takes in over 30,000 applications for just over 2,000 spots- a rate of 6.9%! Certainly, it is no longer the 1950s where all you needed was […]

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Colleges With The Lowest Acceptance Rates

Year after year, lists ranking schools come out and everyone dithers to pick apart the ranking criteria. That said, knowing the process of how different lists rank schools is important – you might agree or disagree with the ranking methods and find your own way to prioritize schools. But one list that is historically sound […]

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Students and the Internet Part 2: Signs and Recovery

Last week we discussed the issue of internet addiction. It is a real disorder that psychologists now recognize – and college students are especially susceptible to it. Today we will cover two related issues: signs of the problem, and how to get help. In the technologically-based age we live in, this may seem exaggerated or […]

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Is the SAT Required At Your Top School? Perhaps not, but…

You should still prepare for the exam even if the SAT is not required at your top school…here’s why: It used to be thought that SAT scores were the best way to determine an individual’s potential for collegiate success. While that is a view still held by many, a growing amount of research has shown […]

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Early Admission Returns to Princeton and Harvard

Last week Princeton and Harvard each announced the return of their early admissions programs. Early admission has not been an option at either school since 2006, when the institutions decided to cancel their programs at the same time. Princeton and Harvard stopped offering early admission with the hope that it would allow students from diverse socioeconomic […]

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Which College Has The Best Food? Does It Matter?

Which college has the best food? When you meet with a college representative, the last question you want to ask is, “So, hey, how is the food?” Fortunately, the Daily Beast has taken the time to help you answer this question. They have prepared a slideshow of the fifteen schools they think have the best […]

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The New AP Exams and College Admissions

I just read an article titled “Rethinking Advanced Placement” in the New York Times by Christopher Drew.  As I read the article, I immediately thought of two significant ideas that will spring forth from the new AP Exams  – unmentioned as they were. First, the new AP Exams will have a significant impact on college […]

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The Perfect College Essay Length

You pass a class – your grades are sent in. You take the ACT/SAT – your scores are sent in. You ask a few teachers – and recommendations are submitted. You write your college essay… and you are the only one who can determine if it is done. Is your essay complete at 400 words? […]

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Students and Internet Addiction: Is It A Problem?

Computers, technology, and the internet have become part of a competitive education. A great deal of college work is now done online – from passing in papers, to class discussion threads, and social networking. These innovations have created new ways to learn and interact with other students and teachers. New spaces online can be important […]

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