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How Many Times Should You Take the SATs: An Alternative Approach

The SAT… this once humble test has risen to be the great beast to be slayed in college admissions. Yet, knowing the fear these tests strike in high schools everywhere, colleges say, “Hey, take it as many times as you want! We’ll just count the best score!” Sounds great, right? After all, life would be […]

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Superscoring – 3 Points to Consider

Punxsutawney Phil poked his head out on Groundhog Day and declared an early spring. But even if he’s wrong, spring is around the corner, which means SAT and ACT tests are in only a few weeks. You may have taken one – or both – of the tests already. But what if you rocked the […]

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How Do SAT and ACT Test Scores Compare?

Many students want to know how their scores would compare between the SAT and ACT exams. The SAT and ACT test prep team at Top Test Prep have prepared this helpful image for you to download in better understanding your SAT and ACT scores.   Top Test Prep is a leader in the standardized test […]

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Getting to the Root of It: 5 Quick Steps to Learn a Little Latin and Greek

A few posts back, we talked about the benefits of Latin and Greek and how learning a little of either language can boost vocabulary scores and build a great base for pre-law or pre-med students. Every major standardized test you encounter will assess your vocabulary repertoire and comprehension in some way. But few schools actually […]

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How Much Should A School’s Reputation Play Into Your College Decision?

Tuesday, I talked about Malcolm Gladwell’s article on college rankings, as well as my own opinion of their importance. My takeaway: at the very least rankings can be a decent measure of a school’s current reputation. So then how heavy should a school’s reputation weigh in one’s college decision? Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario. You […]

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Fewer SAT II Subject Test Requirements – Should You Still Take Three?

For many years, top colleges required not only SAT or ACT scores, but SAT Subject Test scores, too. The general rule was that competitive schools required three SAT IIs. Last year, Princeton reduced its three subject test requirement to two. This year Harvard and Georgetown – the last institutions to require three subject tests – both dropped […]

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Do You Trust College Rankings? Malcolm Gladwell Weighs In

In the latest issue of the New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell brings his unique perspective to a subject close to all our hearts: College Rankings (subscription required). Known for his quirky take on subjects ranging from “the nature of genius” to “criminal profiling,” Gladwell does a great job of showing how poor an indicator these rankings […]

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Coach, Counselor, and CEO: Parental Roles during the Admissions Process

If anything is more stressful and exciting than embarking on a new adventure and challenge, it is to be the person left behind and hoping for the best. In the admissions process at any level – prep school, college, graduate school – the student is in a world of studying, essay writing, and interviewing and […]

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Writing for a Test: Five Things the SAT Essay Wants

Twenty-five minutes, one essay, one-ninth of your overall SAT score – and one more place college admissions counselors might look to see what kind of student you really are. While your admissions essay can demonstrate past experience and illustrate academic goals, the SAT essay not only is an important part of the overall test, but […]

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The Best Way to Study for a Standardized Test

At the top of the New York Times website’s “Most Popular” list last week was not a story about protests in Cairo, tiger mothers, or the President’s State of the Union, but an article about the benefits of taking practice exams when studying for a standardized test. The article “To Really Learn, Quit Studying and […]

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