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Do You Trust College Rankings? Malcolm Gladwell Weighs In

In the latest issue of the New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell brings his unique perspective to a subject close to all our hearts: College Rankings (subscription required). Known for his quirky take on subjects ranging from “the nature of genius” to “criminal profiling,” Gladwell does a great job of showing how poor an indicator these rankings […]

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Coach, Counselor, and CEO: Parental Roles during the Admissions Process

If anything is more stressful and exciting than embarking on a new adventure and challenge, it is to be the person left behind and hoping for the best. In the admissions process at any level – prep school, college, graduate school – the student is in a world of studying, essay writing, and interviewing and […]

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Writing for a Test: Five Things the SAT Essay Wants

Twenty-five minutes, one essay, one-ninth of your overall SAT score – and one more place college admissions counselors might look to see what kind of student you really are. While your admissions essay can demonstrate past experience and illustrate academic goals, the SAT essay not only is an important part of the overall test, but […]

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The Best Way to Study for a Standardized Test

At the top of the New York Times website’s “Most Popular” list last week was not a story about protests in Cairo, tiger mothers, or the President’s State of the Union, but an article about the benefits of taking practice exams when studying for a standardized test. The article “To Really Learn, Quit Studying and […]

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New Writer At Top Test Prep!

Top Test Prep is excited to welcome a new writer on board for our Test Prep and Admissions, “The Insider’s Guide to Admissions”… __________ Jon B. attended the Derryfield School. Among his activities, he taught at an after-school program, Summerbridge, and playing on the Varsity Lacrosse term. In college he went on to pursue history, […]

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Colleges See Record Numbers of Applicants

Dartmouth, Harvard, Connecticut, Colby, Michigan, Macalaster, and Berkeley — the trend of rising application numbers for the class of 2015 has spread across the country and is setting record numbers at many schools. Applicants this year were seemingly undeterred by the slow economy and the rising cost of college. Ivies and traditionally selective schools saw significant […]

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Five FAFSA Filing Tips

After application submissions, who wants to fill out more forms? But with the new calendar year firmly established, taxes are on their way. Now is the perfect time to file paperwork for Federal Application for Financial Student Aid, or FAFSA, which is the form used to determine a student’s eligibility for federal financial aid and […]

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SAT & ACT Test Dates

Here are SAT exam and ACT exam test dates… Our recommendation is to take the SAT and ACT exams sooner than later. We’ve posted the SAT exam schedule and the ACT exam schedule and test dates below. Mark your calendars for these exams, and let us know if you need private tutoring for the SAT […]

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How to Choose the Best Extracurricular Activities During High School

In the college admissions process, test scores, grades, and academic records are steadfast pillars of measure. But students also have a few opportunities to come off of the paper and out of the numbers. Adding dimension to applications will create a more memorable applicant. While essays and interviews demonstrate writing talent and personality, extracurriculars (ECs) […]

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Studere, Contendere, Vincere: Top 5 Reasons To Learn A Little Greek And Latin

  “Studere, contendere, vincere – studying, striving, conquering.” Learning a little Latin and Greek might seem like embarking on an extraneous endeavor when preparing for a test, but the benefits abound. Deciding to research etymology does not mean signing up for a new course or major, either. Here are the top five reasons to spend […]

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