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SAT Vocabulary – Word of the Day

Here’s Top Test Prep’s SAT Vocabulary, Word of the Day – Bellicose – adj. having or showing a ready disposition to fight Find out more about Top Test Prep’s SAT Tutoring or ACT Tutoring, by calling (800) 501-Prep.

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SAT Word of the Day – “Abdicate”

Here’s Top Test Prep’s SAT Vocabulary, Word of the Day – Abdicate (verb)- cast off or relinquish Find out more about Top Test Prep’s SAT Tutoring or ACT Tutoring, by calling (800) 501-Prep.

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College Readiness Programs for High Schools

As many high schools throughout the country prepare to develop new college readiness programs, it’s important to know how high schools can best prepare students for college. The first, and most important thing for schools to know is that a college readiness program must be customized. We’ve noticed many schools adopting “template” models for their […]

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Expert SSAT Prep Tips

Tip 1: Know the SSAT Although the SSAT may not be designed like typical K-8 school tests, it does not mean you can’t prepare for the SSAT exam. The SSAT is timed and divided into these parts: verbal, quantitative (math) and reading comprehension sections. It also includes a non-graded writing section, which is included in […]

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May 1st SAT Exam

For those students taking the May 1st SAT exam, we want to give you some SAT tips to help you get ready. These SAT tips will hopefully reduce your test anxiety and improve your SAT scores. First, remember that the SAT is a time intensive examination. You must manage your time wisely. If you get […]

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SAT Test Dates

SAT Test Dates January 23, 2010, SAT and Subject Tests March 13, 2010, SAT only May 1, 2010, SAT and Subject Tests June 5, 2010, SAT and Subject Tests __________ Top Test Prep provides SAT and SAT Prep courses and SAT private tutoring for students across the country, and helps get students into top colleges […]

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SAT Prep, ACT Prep Courses and College Readiness

As a leading test prep provider, Top Test Prep offers SAT prep and ACT prep courses for high schools. In addition, Top Test Prep has college readiness programs which allow schools to expand their current curricula and improve their students’ state testing standards. Call us today at (800) 501-PREP or go to our contact page […]

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US News Law School Rankings (2011)

The word is that the new US News and World Report Law School Rankings have been released. We’ve got an inside look thanks to a great forum at LawSchoolDiscussion.org. Here’s a preview of the Top Law School Rankings for 2011 according to the site: 1. Yale 2. Harvard 3. Stanford 4. Columbia 5. U. of […]

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Race to the Top Grants (ARRA)

The recent Federal Government and Department of Education “Race to the Top” grants have been announced. At Top Test Prep we are ready to respond to the President’s call for improving school standards with our prep for academic state testing. With these grants, your local schools can offer additional programs such as ACT and SAT test […]

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SAT Word Competition

Top Test Prep is starting a new competition on our Facebook and Twitter Pages. Here are the simple rules for the SAT Word competition: (1) Become a fan of “Top Test Prep” on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, twitter.com/toptestprep (2) When you see a new SAT word posted on either, simply reply back or […]

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