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Admissions Consulting for Prep Schools, Colleges, and Graduate Schools

Our admissions consulting offers students and parents the opportunity to gain admission to top-ranked schools. If you’re applying to prep schools, colleges or graduate schools, take a moment to visit our admissions consultants. We offer admissions consulting for students which includes the following services: The Elite Program is designed for students and parents who need […]

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Wall Street Journal – ACT Test Article

Responding to the ACT Test Prep article… Today’s Wall Street Journal article on the ACT exam is indicative of a larger need to bring test prep to schools and high schools across America. What we recommend is that high schools implement ACT prep programs that allow many deserving students the opportunity to not only take […]

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Private Tutors

If you’re looking for private tutors on any of the following exams: ISEE, SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, DAT, TOEFL, SAT IIs and AP Exams, Contact us today at (800) 501-7737. We have private tutors ready with custom schedules, test prep books and results to help you prepare for all of these […]

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College Admissions Rankings – US News & World Report

Ross Blankenship (Education, Admissions Expert) Addresses the US News and World Report Rankings. The current college ranking systems provide an easy way for prospective students to see how one institution ranks against another. This can make for a simple way to see which colleges will provide the best education. At least that is what the […]

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Back to School SAT and ACT Prep – Private Tutoring

Here’s how to prepare for the SAT and ACT exams as you’re going back to school during the fall… As many students are heading back to school during August, we highly recommend signing up for your private tutoring and test prep now in time for the SAT Test and ACT tests later this fall. Our SAT […]

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The Parent Guide to College Admissions

Part 2 of our series continues with answers about college admissions, private tutoring and test prep. How can my kid get into an Ivy League School? The formula for getting into the Ivy League is a mixture of exceptional high school grades, high test scores and a background that says you’re interesting and will contribute […]

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Parents’ Guide to College Admissions

Most commonly asked questions for Top Test Prep (Part 1): What’s a “good” SAT or ACT score? A good SAT or ACT score depends on which college or university you’re applying to during the admissions season. If you’re GPA is great (3.7+) and you score above the median SAT or ACT range of a University […]

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Top Test Prep, Private Tutoring Featured in Killer Startups!

We just found out today that we’re featured in Killer Startups! Vote today for Top Test Prep. Some clips of the article on our private tutoring and college admissions consulting: “This company connects students and parents with qualified tutors across the country for exams ranging far and wide: PSAT, SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, TOEFL […]

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Athletic Recruiting Service for High School Athlete Recruits

Thousands of athletes each year look for advice to be recruited into top NCAA athletic programs. So we’ve just introduced a new Athletic Recruiting Service from Top Test Prep. Admissions Experts, Ross Blankenship and Jon Moberly, will help students and parents with the following NCAA recruiting: For Athletes The High School Plan Selecting the Right […]

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Private Tutoring (SAT Prep, ACT Prep) and Admissions Consulting

For private, home tutoring, SAT prep, ACT prep and admissions consulting, Contact us today at (800) 501-7737, or go to our private home tutoring and college admissions consulting pages. Helping Students Get Into: Ivy League Schools (Ivy League Admissions Consultants) Top Colleges and Universities Elite Private Schools (K-12) Graduate Schools and more…

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