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Top 10 List of Summer Activities (College Prep)

One of our students recently asked, “What should I do to prepare my college applications during the summer?” Another reader pondered, “I’m not sure what my student should be doing this summer, could you help?” Well, we’ve developed a top 10 list of tasks to accomplish regarding test prep, college admissions counseling and college applications […]

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Public vs. Private High Schools: Which Are Better?

There are an increasing number of college admissions consultants discussing the benefits of applying to college from either a public or private high school. Further, many parents and students want to know whether going to a private high school will give them a greater advantage in the admissions cycle. So we’ll discuss the benefits of […]

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Top 5 Tech Savvy Colleges (Best Engineering and Science Programs)

We’ve had many students ask us what colleges have the best engineering and science programs. Using a weighted average of faculty resources, technology grants, class size, and student ratings, we have developed the following list to help guide students and parents in the process of college counseling. The list provides a concise summary of these top […]

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SAT Prep: The Best Study Schedule

Want to help your teen ace the SAT exam? The key is to establish a schedule for studying and then stick to it. Sure, spending an hour or more studying may sound like a drag. But by the time the big day rolls around, your teen will be the most relaxed student in town while […]

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Top Ten Admissions Myths: Exposed

There are several college admissions myths which should be exposed before you apply. These myths often scare certain students from applying to the best schools. Never limit yourself from applying to top colleges because you believe these things: (10) Applicants are pre-screened. Whether using the common application or a school-specific application, college admission offices have […]

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The US News Rankings: Changing the Rankings

We have had a lot of questions about the new college rankings, particularly what sort of methodology was used to assess hundreds of schools throughout the country. Although there’s an entire school of thought on the efficacy of the rankings themselves, what we believe is that the criteria should at the very least be modified. […]

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Using College-Level Words in Your Application Essay

Here’s an article on using SAT vocabulary words: You can use those big SAT words on your college essay, but do so gingerly. Well placed “big words” are effective and they can really make your essay stand out. Over-use of those words will make your essay seem disingenuous, another SAT word. Here are some tips […]

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The ACT Exam: Everything about the ACT

The ACT, a test administered to high school students, is designed to assess a potential college student’s academic progress and to determine their ability to perform college level work. The ACT is a multiple choice test. There are 4 required parts to the ACT Test. Math: There are 60 multiple choice questions to this section. […]

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The Admissions Interview

Interviews are nerve racking to say the least. This is it: just you and the admissions experts. You need to convince this committee why they should let you attend their school. Talk about pressure! There are plenty of ways not to have a total nervous breakdown at the interview; all it takes is time and […]

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How to Motivate Your Son or Daughter for the SAT

In a school system that prizes grades above all else, ability over hard work, and conformity over individuality, it is no surprise that many high school students lose their motivation. When your child was a toddler they were full of curiosity and had a real motivation to learn about their environment. As they started school […]

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