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Are you looking for Pleasanton ACT prep or private tutors for general academic help? Start achieving with Top Test Prep, a Pleasanton test preparation company specializing in Pleasanton SAT prep and ACT prep. We provide one-on-one tutoring, private school and college admissions and application coaching in the security and privacy of your own home. Our expert tutors also offer K-12 subject-specific tutoring including math tutors in Pleasanton.

Our Pleasanton tutors work one-on-one with students from local middle and high schools, including Amador Valley High School, Foothill High School, Village High School, Lighthouse Baptist School and Hillview Christian Academy. All Top Test Prep tutors hold a degree from a top-name college and have scored in the highest 1% for every exam they coach, which translates directly into real student achievement. In the Pleasanton area… on average, our students see a score improvement of 400 points on the SAT and 12 points on the ACT after help from our exam experts.

Top Test Prep also offers graduate school personal essay and admissions test prep for students at Pleasanton area colleges including Chabot College, Holy Names University, Lincoln University, the University of California Berkeley and the University of San Francisco. Former admissions officers provide subjective help with essay preparation and admissions applications. We also coach for entrance exams like the MCAT, LSAT, GMAT and GRE. This demystifies the graduate school admissions process, helps you articulate your skills and improves your test results.

At Top Test Prep, every tutoring relationship starts with a diagnostic exam to determine your strengths and weaknesses. This helps your tutors in Pleasanton develop a unique study plan for your test preparation, knowledge building, overall score improvement and academic success. Because there are no distractions from a crowded tutoring room, you can focus on skill building and knowledge retention. Whether you wish to improve test scores, ace that college or graduate school entrance exam, or raise grades in a particular subject, look to Top Test Prep for the best tutoring and academic help in Pleasanton.

We have tutored thousands of college, middle and high school students, and have demonstrated ability to help you achieve your dreams of college or prep school admissions, test preparation and academic success. Learn more about our Pleasanton test prep and private tutors by scheduling a free consultation.

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“Our family contacted this Pleasanton tutoring company, and found their SAT experts to be top of the line.”

-Sean Huckley (SAT and College Admissions)

“We were looking for the best tutors in Pleasanton, and found that TTP had more than just tutors – this company had the ability to do test prep for more than 7 other exams!”

-Linda Isley (SSAT, ISEE and Prep schools)

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Top Test Prep has expert admissions consultants and private online tutors for Pleasanton CA region, helping students prepare for private school exams (SSAT, ISEE, HSPT), college admissions (SAT, ACT), math, science, reading subjects and grad schools (MCAT and LSAT). If you're trying to get your son or daughter into the best private schools, boarding schools, colleges or graduate schools, Top Test Prep can help you. Our expert admissions counselors and test prep company is dedicated to helping students - from middle school, high school and beyond.

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